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Eco Friendly Dress Cleaning

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Loving The Environment Every Day

Eco Dress CleaningAt Love Your Dress we don’t just do an exceptional job at cleaning your dress, we make sure our environmental impact is minimal while doing so. It is ingrained into our company culture to think about environmental sustainability in all of our business decisions. From the eco friendly biodegradable detergents that we use to the energy efficient building we call home, Love Your Dress aims at reducing our carbon footprint every day. We already have many initiatives in place to maintain a healthy planet and continue to improve our efforts every chance we get. Other cleaning companies focus only on delivering results for their customers with little regard for the environment. At Love Your Dress we deliver better results than the rest with minimal harm to the environment.Eco Friendly Dress Cleaning Company

How We Are Helping The Planet

In an industry known to do harm to the planet, Love Your Dress knows that we must take the necessary steps to create a new standard. We are constantly looking for new ways to minimize our environmental impact. Here are some of the things we are currently doing to help the planet:

  • We only use locally produced biodegradable eco friendly detergents, dyes and solvents
  • The cleaning method we use is an eco friendly compressed ozone cleaning system which is optimal for eliminating odour, bacteria and smoke
  • Our eco friendly dry cleaning machines use state of the art closed loop technology for minimal waste
  • Whenever possible, we use the water wet washing method to reduce the use of chemicals, without sacrificing our exceptional results
  • Our shipping requirements are kept to a minimum by purchasing from local Canadian businesses. This helps reduce our overall emissions while supporting the Canadian economy
  • Low power consumption lighting is used at our facility allowing us to reduce our energy use and pass the savings on to our customers
  • Our state of the art energy efficient facility has large south facing windows taking advantage of natural sunlight, reducing our energy use even further
  • We minimize the wear and gas consumption on our fleet of delivery vehicles by regularly maintaining them
  • The partners that we choose to work with, especially when it comes to disposal, need to have an eco friendly mentality like us
  • Our boilers, washers, dryers presses and dry cleaning machines are consistently maintained to reduce consumables and be in top working condition thanks to our in-house maintenance crew
  • The amount of water we use in our heat exchangers is regulated and reused while keeping our exceptional dress cleaning results intact
  • Automating our pricing calculators, tracking system and other work flows has helped us reduce phone calls and increase productivity, which in turn has allowed us to use less energy in our facililty
  • Invoices, statements and work orders have been made paperless to reduce waste and increase productivity
  • We consistently train and educate our staff on new eco friendly techniques

Eco Friendly Dress Cleaning Services

We Are ‘Perc’ Free

Eco Dress CleaningMost dress cleaning companies think that it is necessary to use cleaning solvents with perchloroethylene as one of the main ingredients to get the best results. Although the results of using this chemical are great, the harm that perchlorethylene causes does not justify its use. When perchlorethylene is used for dry cleaning there will usually be some remnants remaining on your clothing and some that leaks into the environment. Considering that it has been linked to several diseases and reproductive disorders we refuse to use it. Instead we only use eco friendly biodegradable solvents and are still delivering better results than other cleaning companies.

Our Other Eco-Friendly Cleaning Services

  • Wedding Gown Cleaning - Get your wedding gown back to its brand new condition with Love Your Dress!
  • Wedding Gown Alterations - If you are looking for that perfect fit for your wedding gown, we are the experts for the job.
  • Dress Cleaning - From wedding gowns to prom dresses we got you covered when it comes to dress cleaning.
  • Leather Cleaning - Fast, convenient and affordable leather cleaning services leather cleaning services.
  • Leather Repair - All our leather repairs services are performed by expert tailors.
  • Handbag Cleaning - We offer complete leather care for highend designer handbags.
  • Handbag Repair - If your handbag needs professional repaired, that's what we do! From zippers replacement to scratch repair.

Customer Ratings

  • “We saw the dress this morning and it looks great. Your care and quality of work is outstanding and your customer service is second to none. Have a great weekend and thanks again."

    − G Favor,20 January 2018

  • “ I just wanted to thank you for the excellent service in cleaning Carly’s dress, the convenience of pick up and delivery was great and both were in the time frame as you said. It is nice to get good customer service like this, I will definitely recommend your services! "

    − Nancy,5 December 2017

  • “ My wedding gown (along with my garment bag) was delivered about a half hour ago. It looks wonderful! Thank you so much. "

    − Lisa,14 November 2017

  • “ The customer service here is hands down amazing. Anna Marie, the seamstress who worked on my dress, did a phenomenal job. After doing my research, she was the only one confident enough to bring my size 20 dress down to a 0 and for a reasonable price. She listened to all my concerns and went above and beyond with everything. Thank you so much! You did an amazing job. "

    − Simone,27 August 2017

  • “ Totally impressed with this Toronto based company. They came to my Ottawa office for the pickup. Dress was used at a destination wedding and ruined. It looks showroom again. Thank you "

    − Kim Preston,20 July 2017